When it comes to her fitness schedule, Kareena Kapoor Khan makes sure that it’s fun and rigorous. Recently, her fitness trainer Namrata Purohit shared a video on Instagram, that showed Khan working out with Purohit and Malaika Arora.

The ladies were seen engaging in various workouts, from basic lunges and squats to trainign with core stix and reformers.

While most of us are familiar with the advantages of squats and lunges, a few interesting equipments caught our eye.

In the video, we see the ladies take turns at a Pilates reformer. There are multiple benefits one can avail from it – helps in building muscular strength, flexibility and maintaining balance. It also helps relieve physical imbalances like back pain and further helps lose inches from thighs, waist and triceps and gain lean mass.

Purohit and Arora are also seen having a go at the Core Stix that are a set of weighted bars with a base. They let one build upon the usable strength and provide a full-body workout.

Here are some other benefits:

* It’s a full-body workout and one can engage in it both in an upright and seated position. This workout can be highly effective for wheelchair-bound persons who can remain seated and still work on their upper body strength.

* The resistance that Core Stix offers can be appropriated according to every person’s ability to take up challenging weights.

* These strengthen the lower body muscles and can reduce the chance of falling in older people. From assisted squats to resistant squats, one can customise them according to one’s need.

* Unlike traditional exercises, Core Stix combines both muscle strengthening and balance.