KANKER: A video is doing rounds on social media this video is of a representative of Janpad who is taking commission in lieu of issuing the cheque for the construction work in the development block, Koylibeda. The video has now gone viral and the creator of the same video has confirmed that he has made this video after he was repeatedly asking for money. As soon as the video went viral, there has been a stir in the district. The representative of the janad panchayat is VL Rasiya whereas  Chief Executive Officer Bharosa Ram Thakur has also been named in the case. At the same time, many sarpanches have accused the representative of taking bribe after the video went viral.

In fact, one of the district member's husband Pradeep Banik had given Rs 48,000 to the district member representative for issuing the cheque for construction works, but the cheque wasn’t issued by Rasiya and more money was demanded by the representative of the district member. Troubled by the continuous demand of money Pradeep shot a video of VL Rasiya while taking commission. The Sarpanch Sangh president Roop Singh Potai has also alleged that cheques are not issued here unless 4% amount of the construction work  is given for it .

While VL Rasiya himself and Chief Executive Officer Bharosa Ram Thakur said that an attempt is being made to defame them by spreading misleading information.