Attacking Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh once again over his son's name appearing in Panama Papers, Rahul Gandhi said at Raipur on Friday that even Pakistan's Prime Minister has been jailed for the same reason but that no action has been taken in the case of Abhishek Singh.

It has been alleged that Abhishek has assets in the British Virgin Islands and the opposition has repeatedly flayed the government for not initiating action or probing the matter.

Ahead of elections in the state - scheduled for later this year - Rahul Gandhi ramped up the attack on the state's BJP CM. "When the name of former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif appeared in Panama papers, he was convicted in it. In Chhattisgarh when the name of your CM's son comes in Panama papers, investigation doesn't even begin," he said at an event to mark the opening of Congress party office. "This is BJP-NDA's 'chowkidari'."

While Congress has pointed fingers at him time and again, Abhishek Singh has said the accusations are "false, mischievous and politically motivated." He is a a Lok Sabha member from Rajanandgaon in Chhattisgarh.