Raipur. A major negligence of doctors has come to light in the city's government super specialty DKS Hospital. It’s reported that a transgender undergoing a sex change operation died during treatment. Family members alleged that the doctors were negligent in the operation and continued to ignore the patient. The family also alleged that the treatment was to be done free of cost under Ayushman Yojana, but medicines and other charges were collected from them.

 As per the sources the deceased transgender was brought here for routine check-up after the operation. Meanwhile, he started suffering. He was taken to the ICU, where he died. The deceased has been identified as Maya Narayan, who was a resident of Bilaspur.

Family members said that Maya had an operation for gender change. He was brought to the hospital for routine checkup. After this, he had to have another operation on October 6, in which the urine pipe had to be removed and placed systematically but the doctors’ alleged negligence resulted in an intestine infection and there was water retention in her abdomen. Maya could not urinate due to her treatment, said the family.  

During this time, the patient continued to ache with relentless agony and the doctors did not provide any solution, alleged the family. Maya finally succumbed to death late at night on Tuesday. The mother of the deceased told that the operation was done under the Ayushman scheme, but money was also charged from them in the form of medicines and other charges.

Explain that through the Department of Family and Social Welfare in the state, the facility of gender selection and operation of trans genders is being provided by the government, but after the negligence of the doctors, there are also questions on this scheme of the government.