By Huma Aftabnasir


The entire scenario of India's 2019 election is completely ambiguous. Don't want to say anything on landslide victory of BJP , but would definitely like to say something on the aftermath n reaction of opposition parties. Both kind of reactions were highly disagreeable, one of Alka Lamba's where she blamed the people of India for voting n bringing charge sheeter in the parliament. As we always envied Canada for having a handsome suave n educated person with a heart of gold as their PM plus a fabulously balanced cabinet with ministers specialized in their specific field holding the portfolio eg a doctor is the health Minister , A lawyer is Law Minister , a teacher is the education Minister and the list goes on n on.

What's wrong if we cannot match them in their finesse in education dear Alka. We have all kinds of criminals holding some very prestigious portfolios, where a 12 th pass Minister can insult an ex deputy chief of Army Staff n current vice Chancellor of an eminent educational institution, where a terrorist was given a ticket from the ruling party to contest the election, while they shamelessly throw same accusations on Pakistan and label the entire nation as terrorist. Here I can say blaming entire India of bringing such criminals in the parliament is highly unjustified.

Next was of Rahul Gandhi's, accepting defeat just like that. This kind of defeat was needed to be questioned .You were not fighting the election against Late Mr Atal Bihari Bajpai who was a gentleman, humble, man of words, here you were pitted against the politicians who were without any scrupulous n would have gone to any length, stoop to the lowest level to win this election.

What kind of politician are you? couldn't feel the pulse of your people, couldn't read the mind n hearts of your people, your country men. I m not using the word 'your Voters' because your attitude towards them showed how compassionate you were towards them n their problems, wanted to solve them sincerely, not using them as vote banks . You gave your 100% but your belief in your people was not firm. Here you faltered badly, you are sophisticated, educated, humble and a caring gentleman but you still have a long way to go to become a seasoned politician.

Before quitting think about that ad-hoc teacher who believed in you , that farmer who thought his days of miseries are over, that youth who was satisfied that now India will get an educated n compassionate PM who will take India forward instead of plunging it into a sea of hatred n communal violence.

Here I would like to praise the strategy makers of BJP. They knew they r loosing their grip on people's nerves so one after another kept the junta indulged in one histrionics after another. They won election on Pulwama and put a big pullover on everyone's mind with the help of Godi media so no one asked the right questions after the attack n believed every gibberish the ruling party was uttering, and then when the govt gives them suggestions to sell pakodas what's wrong in this. But gullible youths like these r very few in numbers, rest is the game of changed EV, Money and oh so loyal Godi media .

Exactly the same thing happened in Pakistan in 2013 elections when Imran Khan in spite of immense fan following n huge number of supporters got only 34 seats, but hats off to Khan sahab, never doubted his awaam, launched a massive attack on Nawaz Sharif and his party against systematic rigging in elections. Sat on dharna for months in Islamabad, addressed awaam daily, went to tsunami March in every nook n corner of the country. He had successfully overthrown the PML and within a year if that heart breaking terror attack on Army Public School students on 16 th of Dec 2014 would not have happened, as he had called for nation wide strike from 18th of December.

Because of this harrowing tragedy he called off his strike..unless he was in an extremely win win position. With all his efforts n extreme hard work he was successful in over throwing Nawaz shareef as the supreme Court declared Sharif 'na ahal' on corruption charges. So he proved "what done can't be undone " can also be changed."

Now India needs an honest , benevolent , determined and educated leader who must believe in his people as well as himself. You must trust your people Mr Gandhi, they have not deceived you. Resigning from the president ship of Congress will not solve anything. The need of the time is to show tremendous strength, leaving janta Midway will only dishearten them further.

As ruling party has always been leaning heavily on Pakistan in the time of trouble, why not take a tip or two from their basket and launch a colossal rally against them, raise voice against this injustice n caste based politics. After all, this is the infinity war. Fight with complete might as 'only heroes win the Endgame.'
Na samjhoge to mit jaoge aye Hindustan walo
Tumhari dastan bhi na hogi dastano me..


Huma Aftabnasir is an educationalist and freelance journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. 

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of The Voices and The Voices does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)