BIlaspur: Former Chief Minister and Chhattisgarh Janata Congress (J) supremo Ajit Jogi has received a major setback from the High Court. The court has rejected his plea, refusing to grant him in the caste case. Since the petition is dismissed, police has the authority to arrest him anytime.

Ajit Jogi had filed a petition in the High Court seeking stay and cancellation on the order of the investigating committee’s FIR. In his defense Jogi said an FIR has been made in 2019 regarding the incident of 1967 which is not considerable because the Caste Act was formed in 2013. Advocate General Satish Chandra Verma advocated on behalf of the government. The Advocate General said , "It was constantly a crime, the crime got constituted in 2019 as the investigation committee found that the caste certificate is fake. Based on this argument the court, while giving its verdict, refused to grant a stay to Jogi and also rejected his petition. "

According to law experts, since Jogi's petition has been rejected by the court, now the government can take action against him anytime and he can be arrested.